We want to see Anlung Pring become a well-known tourism destination that contributes to conservation of the wetland and Sarus Cranes, whilst improving local community livelihoods and wellbeing.

Come and discover Anlung Pring…

Anlung Pring Protected Landscape is 217 hectares of seasonally flooded grassland managed by the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia. Sarus Cranes flock to the site from December to April in numbers up to 300 individuals.

During the rest of the year you can still see flocks of thousands of black-tailed godwits, garganey and many other beautiful species. It’s great to visit any time of the year.

Wetland Wildlife Experience

Discover the amazing wildlife of Anlung Pring, from the world’s tallest flying bird to massive flocks of migratory birds, a true wetland wildlife spectacle.

If you come to the site during the Crane Season (December to April), discover the magnificent Sarus Crane and the local communities that live alongside it. If you come outside the Crane Season you will travel by boat through the wetland getting up and close to the wildlife.

Here is what we have on offer…

These packages have been carefully designed to combine up and close encounters with wetland wildlife and cultural experiences, learning how the communities of Anlung Pring live.  Come for one day or stay a little longer, there is a lot to discover!


A perfect one-day taster of Anlung Pring, the Sarus Crane and the local people. This package is designed for those travellers who are running out of time, or don’t feel like immersing themselves too deeply into village life, but still want to experience a different side of Cambodia.

Anlung Pring

Focus on the wetland wildlife.


  • Sarus Crane Experience Tour
  • One Cultural Experience Tour
  • Lunch at tourism centre
  • Complementary tea
  • Local guide for the day

Cost: 24 USD


Extend your adventure and experience sleeping at Anlung Pring. You will really appreciate the different pace of life of the local communities, while being able to really soak in the beauty of Anlung Pring and its wildlife. A great experience for any traveller.

Lepironia Weaving

Learn traditional crafting.


  • Sarus Crane Experience Tour
  • Two Cultural Experience Tours
  • One night accommodation at homestay
  • Two lunches and one dinner
  • Local guide for 2 days

Cost: 41 USD


The most comprehensive package on offer. Immerse yourself in Anlung Pring and experience all the site has to offer, from Sarus Crane encounters, to home brewing rice wine, catching fish for dinner. This package leaves you with great memories and photographs to share!

Anlung Pring

 Magnificent view from Hidden Mountain shrine.


  • Sarus Crane Experience Tour
  • Four Cultural Experience Tours
  • 2 nights’ accommodation at homestay
  • Three lunches and two dinners
  • Local guide for 3 days of trip

Cost: 60 USD

And if you’re wondering about the cultural experiences…

Food Experience

Khmer Rice Flakes Making, Anlung Pring

Learn to make Khmer noodles and Ombok.

Participate in each stage of production and then enjoy the results of your hard work at the end. See a mixture of modern and traditional methods combined and understand how food is made in local villages.

Food Gathering Experience

Khmer Fishing, Anlung Pring

Learn how to gather food from the wetlands.

Try three types of traditional Khmer fishing methods including a casting net, bamboo basket and seine net. Depending on the season, the guide may be able to show you how to harvest other seasonal food sources from the wetlands.

Crafts Experience

Rice Wine Distilling, Anlung Pring

Experience traditional crafts in the village.

Weave your own grass bags and distil rice wine. Learn complex weaving patterns and then have a taste of your freshly distilled rice wine.

Hand Tractor Drive

Travel through the local area on a hand tractor.

Experience a unique, local way of travelling while watching village life around you. The tractor will take you to a hidden mountain shrine, where you can get a 360 degree view of the area.

That’s just the way of life at Anlung Pring.

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Homestays, Anlung Pring

There are 8 homestays at the three villages that surround Anlung Pring. All tourist on a 2 day or 3 day package will sleep at the homestay.

A homestay is a type of accommodation, where a local family opens up their home for you to stay at. This is an incredible way to get an insight into how Cambodians live in rural areas, and experience it for yourself.

Of course life is tough in rural Cambodia, so don’t expect all the mod cons of a modern hotel. But this is the charm of the experience, as you can sit back, observe and come part of daily village life.

All homestays have power, but no Wifi is available at the site. Although Internet can be accessed via smart phone (3G) or with Internet dongle.


Anlung Pring Community Led Ecotourism

Experience local Cambodian food while staying at Anlung Pring.

Enjoy some breakfast at the village market. Lunch is served at the Buffalo Café, a local community-run restaurant. Dinner is prepared at your homestay.

Getting Around

Anlung Pring

There is a lot to see in the area that surrounds Anlung Pring, and there is no better way to explore it than by bicycle.

Every guest is provided free bicycle hire when they stay at the homestays. Discover the old rangers’ station and hidden mountain.

Your visit helps to make a difference!

The Sarus Crane is a flagship species of Cambodia’s wetlands. Anlung Pring is one of the last remaining non-breeding sites for the Sarus Crane in Cambodia.

That is why each tourist ticket includes a Protected Landscape Entry Fee. This money goes towards the management of Anlung Pring, supporting a ranger team, biodiversity surveys, awareness raising work, and additional management interventions. Ensuring the Sarus Crane is conserved sustainably into the future.

Supporting Local Communities

Supporting Local CommunitiesThe future of Anlung Pring and the Sarus Crane relies upon local people. Local people benefit from the natural resources and clean water provided by a healthy wetland.

A local community group run and manage the ecotourism at Anlung Pring. All remaining income from tourists goes into a fund which is managed by the chief and accountant. This fund supports the development, maintenance and operation of tourism at Anlung Pring.

Any profit after the operational costs of tourism are covered then goes into the community fund. The money in this fund goes towards community development projects, to increase the benefit of ecotourism to the local communities.

Local people are proud of the Sarus Crane and be able to benefit from its conservation. That is why maintaining sustainable and responsible tourism that is led and managed by local communities is vital for the long term future of Anlung Pring and the Sarus Crane.

How To Get Here

From Kampot

Take Highway 33 towards Kep, if you cross railway tracks or a river out of Kampot Town you’re on the wrong highway.

From Kep

Take highway 33a either way around the national park, then turn right when you meet highway 33.

From Kampong Trach

If coming from Kep or Kampot, travel through Kampong Trach and continue straight onto highway 31 for 3km and look out for the Crane signposts at the next junction.

Continue straight for 600 metres and take the right dirt track road with the Crane signpost.

Travel straight down the dirt track road for 8km, then take the left turning at the T-junction and follow the road for 600 metres to the parking area.

Upon Arrival - Anlung Pring

Upon arrival please stop at the Tourism Centre where the Buffalo Cafe is located. This is where the local community will greet you and your Anlung Pring experience begins.

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