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A rare chance to see sarus cranes in the wild

Come to Anlung Pring to see the world’s tallest flying birds; experience the authentic local lifestyle, cuisine and handicrafts; cycle round the peaceful wetlands…

and meet the buffalo!

Many people come for the wildlife and stay for the hospitality, so we have a menu of culinary and cultural experiences for you as well as nature-watching.

Our visitors love it!

  •   Just enough infrastructure to help enjoy observing the Sarus cranes and other bird life/fish life without becoming at all touristy or commercialised. Helpful guides who seem to love what... read more

    thumb jillmkp

      Anlung Pring is known for the Sarus Cranes which are incredible but it is so much more than this. An amazing community experience awaited me with the generous time of... read more

    thumb pestola

      Beautiful peaceful and inspiring. Enjoyed our stay. Its a good combination of birdwatching, rural food, visiting traditional products, very convenient homestay and very beautiful landscapes. Very recommended.

    thumb 378dumant
  •   We stayed 2 days at Anlung Pring and it was one of our best experience in Cambodia. The place is a bit difficult to find and we advise to come... read more

    thumb Charbouat

      Stunning wetlands located near Kep, managed by the community with support from conservation NGOs. One of few areas remaining to see the endangered Sarus Crane, the tallest flying bird, as... read more

    thumb KylouWinnberg

      We took a moto from Kampot to Anlung Pring which took us just under two hours. The roads were great and the closer we got to the sanctuary the more... read more

    thumb EmilySwede

One-day package

See the cranes, have a nice meal, and see Cambodian life off the tourist trail.
USD $24

Sarus Crane Experience Tour
One Cultural Experience Tour
Lunch at tourism centre
Complementary tea
Local guide for the day.

Two-day package

Soak up the natural beauty of the cranes and see how the wetlands and people are interwoven.
USD $41

Sarus Crane Experience Tour
Two Cultural Experience Tours
One night accommodation at homestay
Two lunches and one dinner
Local guide for 2 days

Three-day package

Immerse yourself in Anlung Pring and experience Sarus Cranes, home brewing rice wine, catching fish for dinner. USD $60

Sarus Crane Experience Tour
Four Cultural Experience Tours
Two nights’ accommodation at homestay
Three lunches and two dinners
Local guide for 3 days of trip

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See the cranes!

See the world’s tallest flying birds, with feathers in delicate greys and greens, and shocking red.

You can often get to within 100 metres of the cranes, and we provide binoculars for you to use.
As a nature lover, bird watcher, or photographer, you will leave with fabulous photos and memories.

They are usually here between late December and April, but to avoid disappointment, contact us for the latest numbers
We have a specially-built viewing tower, so that you can stay above the wetland and see the cranes without disturbing them. If you are technically-minded you can learn about them at the International Crane Foundation website.

The cranes are the stars but they also have a great supporting cast of animals: the water buffalo are so endearing we named our Buffalo café in their honour.

Cultural experiences

A local-life school like no other!

Making Khmer noodles
Making Khmer noodles

Participate in each stage of production and then enjoy the results of your hard work at the end. See a mixture of modern and traditional methods combined and understand how food is made in local villages.

Food gathering
Food gathering

Try three traditional Khmer fishing methods including a casting net, bamboo basket and seine net. In the right season, the guide can show you how to harvest other seasonal foods fresh from the wetlands.

Rice wine
Rice wine

Rice wine is a source of pride around Anlung Pring—join in the fun of making and drinking it!

Making ombok
Making ombok

Help make sticky rice, then add banana and coconut; and then eat!


Live the rustic life–catch fish with a net, then take it to be prepared and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Want to go plastic-free? Then weave! Traditional weaving is not easy but it is a social activity, using local Leprionia plants.

Get here

Take a tuk-tuk, motorbike, or car, to Anlung Pring. Our guide Bona will bring you out to see the cranes (December to April); then enjoy lunch in the Buffalo Café. You can even stay the night in our friendly local homestays, giving you time for a lesson in local cooking or handcrafts.

If you are thinking about visiting the Kampong Trach caves, then make a day of it by coming the extra half hour to Anlung Pring.

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Local hosts

Homestay 1

Group homestay with 5 mattresses. Khmer modern house with electricity.

Local host number 9

One bed and one sleeping area, Khmer modern house with electricity

Homestay 2

Cheah Kim Ly’s home


Book by using the form below, or by phoning: (+855) 31 42 42 427. The form sends us the information you write, in accordance with our privacy policy

You can even volunteer with us!

We exist to celebrate the cranes and local community. Non-profit organisations founded us and support us to benefit the wildlife and people of Anlung Pring. Simply by coming here you are supporting this work, and we thank you for that! Please spread the word! A good review online or an excited chat back in the city can help us. You can also step-up a level and contribute time and expertise:

  • Volunteering to teach English to guides and schoolchildren
  • Volunteering on local clean-ups
  • Volunteering on media outreach
  • Volunteering with artwork design

Get in touch via the contact form or simply let Bona in person know that you would like to help!